Portrait of Toni and Randy Gibson

Toni (left) and Randy (right) Gibson have been active members of the Vero Beach community for many years. Toni holds an active real estate broker's license and is the past owner of Toni Gibson Real Estate. Randy is a member of the faculty at Indian River State College in the Department of Computer Science. They purchased Acquired Collections from previous owner Dianne Shelton in December of 2001.

The Gibsons have a passion for art and antiques that has, over the years, evolved into an ongoing labor of love. Ardent travelers, they enjoy roaming through galleries, museums, and antique stores throughout the world, and have amassed a select collection of distinctive items.

Their travels to Africa, China and Turkey have produced many treasures. And yet, they also love to travel the back roads and small towns of America looking for unique and beautiful items to share with kindred spirits.

A Bit More Detail . . .

Toni is an avid supporter and past officer or director of many local community organizations such as the Exchange Club, Junior League, and the Riverside Children's Theatre.

Randy holds a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering from the University of Florida and a Master of Fine Arts Degree from the Yale School of Drama in Theatre Planning. He is a past chairman of the Computer Science Department at Indian River State College. Randy is a past president of the Rotary Club of Vero Beach.

Toni and Randy met through a common interest in the arts and a love of travel and have a collected history of more than 50 years in Vero Beach. They also share a love of animals and presently have two dogs, a cat, and a parrotlet.

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