Pictures of Events from our Indian River African Odyssey

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Picture TitleContributor(s)
A Meal at the Ramses Hilton in CairoTrudy
Valerie Rides a CamelJane
Feeding "Morani" the Pet RhinoRandy & Toni
Petting MoraniTrudy
A Meal at the Mt. Kenya Safari ClubTrudy
A Meal at the Samburu SerenaTrudy
Crossing the EquatorJane
Equator CertificateJane
The Blixen Group has LunchTrudy
Border Buying with EvansRandy & Toni
Lunch Poolside at the Sopa LodgeTrudy
Serengeti Serena Poolside BandJane
A Dance at the Serengeti Serena LodgeRandy & Toni
D.B.'s Birthday Party at the Serengeti Serena LodgeMiriam
Serengeti SunsetJane
Western Serengeti SunsetJane
Picture TitleContributor(s)
Our Balloon AwakesRandy & Toni
Balloon PilotJane
The Other Balloon FollowsRandy & Toni
Balloon over the SerengetiJane
The Ride over the RiverRandy & Toni
Lion Watchers from AboveRandy & Toni
A Graceful Exit?Randy & Toni
The Balloon GondolaJane
The Indian River BalloonistsJane
Celebrating a Safe LandingRandy & Toni
Attention to DetailRandy & Toni
Breakfast AwaitsRandy & Toni
The Guests Are Called to DineRandy & Toni
A Perfect Breakfast!Randy & Toni
Balloon BreakfastJane
Balloon CertificateJane
Picture TitleContributor(s)
Masai MenRandy & Toni
Masai Men DancingJane
Masai Marilyn DancingTrudy
Masai Women and ToniRandy & Toni
Picture TitleContributor(s)
Samburu Village WomenJane
Samburan MenJane
Samburan LadJane
Samburan WomanJane
Samburan DanceJane
Samburan Women DancingJane
Hut at the Samburu VillageJane
Bubbles at the Samburu VillageJane

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