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COP 1830 - Web Client Programming

This site was created as an aid to students who are studying Web programming on the Internet. This course focuses on the programming code used to construct web pages from scratch rather than on the use of third party graphic editors to view and edit the pages. To use this site, click on one of the items in the menu below. Like many websites, this one is expected to be quite dynamic. So you should bookmark it and check back here on a regular basis. Remember that many web browsers store previously viewed web pages locally on your computer for fast future retrieval. So you should get in the habit of using your browser's refresh command (typically using the keystroke F5 under Windows or Command+R on Apple IOS) to reload a fresh copy of the page from the web site at the start of each session. If you want to return to a previous page, click on your browser's "BACK" button.

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