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Internet Search Tools and Starting Points

Search: Using:
General Searching Resources Documents and Sites about Searching
The Web by Subject ("Top-Down") Directories (Subject Trees) or Virtual Libraries
The Web by Keyword ("Bottom-Up") Search Engines or Meta-Search Tools
The Web using Social Bookmarking Sites "Tag-based and Relevance-based" Tools
Blogs, Mailing Lists & Newsgroups Discussion Search Tools
E-mail Addresses E-mail Registries or the InterNIC Whois Server
Software (File Archives) Software Catalog Sites
Local Internet Resources Treasure Coast Web Sites

General Searching Resources

WWW Search Engines

Literally thousands of search engines are available on the Internet, each one unique, with its own limitations and rules of syntax. Read the help pages before performing a search to reap the most benefit from your efforts. For in-depth information about search engines and related topics such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), browse the site named [SearchEngineWatch.Com].

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Search Site Advanced Help/Tips Submit
AOL.COM Search Advanced Search Search FAQs Submit via Google
Bing (Microsoft) Advanced Search Search Help Submit your site
DuckDuckGo (no tracking) Advanced Tricks Search Syntax Submit your site
Google Advanced Search Search Help Add Content
Quora: a peer-based question and answer database - requires free registration
StartPage (no tracking) Advanced Search Search Tips Submit via Google
Yahoo! Advanced Web Search Help for Search

Multiple Search Engines (Meta-search Tools)

Directories (Channels, Subject Trees, Topics)

Topically organized lists of resources, allowing you to perform top-down searches, often involving serendipitous discovery of related information.

Virtual Libraries

Virtual Libraries are directories that contain collections of resources that librarians or other editors have selected and organized in logical ways.

Social Bookmarking Sites and Intelligent Search Tools

Online Discussion Tools (Blogs, Newsgroups, RSS Feeds, etc.)

People and Businesses

File Catalog Sites - * many with software ratings and reviews

More information can be found about sites offering free Windows (and more) software at:


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