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Tips for Academic Success

Numerous publications have been written offering tips leading to academic success. The topic is vast, transcending many fields and activities. And yet, in truth, it is quite simple and can be reduced to one essential statement:

"Take responsibility for your education."

Nobody else has more ability to affect your learning than you. It is not someone else's responsibilty to educate you. It is your responsibilty to learn. People such as family, friends, or employers may have strong interest in your success. But ultimately, you are the one who benefits from your acquisition of knowledge (or suffers from ignorance). So you must dedicate yourself to taking the lead role in your education. Institutions like [IRSC] can provide valuable resources, but should be considered as only one part of a comprehensive life-long plan - a plan devised by you.

Successful people are those who do not rely on others for their development. They are engaged in their own learning process. They see the value of knowledge and proactively pursue it. They don't wait to be told what is important to learn by others. They determine that for themselves. They don't wait to start learning. They know that the sooner they learn things, the sooner they can benefit from that knowledge. As they reap those benefits, they develop more and more appreciation for knowledge and the learning process becomes more a way of life for them. But is it enjoyable? Is it easy? That is up to you too. Each person learns in unique, individual ways. Some enjoy reading; other do not. Some can learn only by doing; others need to have things explained to them. But all of us can learn - and we can enjoy it! The trick is to discover your own best style and techniques. Many people never learn this and rely on others to teach them. They hope that their teachers can see their unique nature and will make the effort to relate to it. But teachers each have unique nature too. They have limitations. They cannot relate to all other individuals - and it is not their responsibility to do so. Teachers should be recognized as one of many learning resources that a student should use. The introduction of the Internet and a multitude of other technologies in today's world offer students far more choices than they have ever had before to acquire knowledge in a variety of ways. Restricting yourself to just one would be foolish. So if you are seeking knowledge on a subject, and cannot find it using one resource, find another. Get a tutor. Locate some supplemental reading. Do an Internet search. Take action! (Take responsibility!)

The links below provide a starting point for students to begin (or continue) their dynamic engagement as learners who have take responsibility for their own fate. The links access sites that give tips on how to be a successful student. Students today face remarkable challenges that distract them from their education. These sites offer advice on mitigating or overcoming many of those challenges. But remember, these are just a starting point. From here you should start seeking your own resources. If you find some that you think should be listed here for your fellow students, please contact this author and recommend them.

Links to Success

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